Choosing to list your vacation property is a wonderful way of boosting up some passive income from a property that you don’t expect to use all the time. However, learning how to start an Airbnb can be much like having a rental property that is constantly securing a new lease.

If you have been struggling to meet all your maintenance responsibilities, this post will help you understand the basic steps involved and options on Airbnb tools and maintenance. We hope you will be able to simplify this process and successfully continue maintaining things with minimal time investment.


What Kind of Tasks Are Necessary to Properly Maintain your Airbnb?

In order to properly maintain your Airbnb, there are certain tasks that need to be done during each guest visit. Here is a basic checklist that you can use for maintaining your Airbnb on your own.


airbnb maintenance, listing1. Pre-Booking Marketing, Listing, & Guest Questions

Before each guest visit is able to happen, you need to handle the marketing and listing on the Airbnb platform. Then, you need to be responsive to your guests’ questions as they become interested in your listing.  


2. Airbnb Account Maintenance, Reviews & Competitive Pricing

Properly handling your Airbnb account is a delicate part of keeping your guests coming. Typically, this is a task that requires a little bit of time daily. Especially if you want to compete with your peers. You need to go above and beyond the platform’s rules and procedures in order to stand out and preserve a good reputation.


3. Cleaning & Property Maintenance Before and After Each Booking

This is one of the first things that a vacation rental owner will consider to hire people for. Cleaning and basic maintenance of a property is something that can easily be a nuisance. Especially if your guests do little to pick up after themselves.


airbnb maintenance, repairs4. Furniture & Appliance Repairs

This is something that doesn’t happen all the time. When it does, though, it can turn into a pretty big deal. After all, nobody likes replacing furniture or appliance.

When furniture and appliance issues come around, start by trying to repair them. If all else fails, you will need to replace basic furniture and appliance in your property.


airbnb maintenance, airport pickup5. Guest Hospitality, Advice, Airport Pickups and Drop-offs

When you live a normal life, you can easily become a lot less mindful of the thoughts and feelings of your Airbnb guests. Unless you are naturally really great at guest hospitality, this is a pretty normal problem for vacation rental owners.

Guest hospitality can involve questions around the clock, advice on local sites and tours, transportation, and so on. Just imagine you’re bothered on your Whatsapp with these questions all the time.


6. Following Up with Each Guest to Ensure Great Reviews

Once a guest leaves, it can be easy to assume that you are completely done talking to them. This is absolutely untrue, though. This is where you will start to realize just how good your guest hospitality really is. If you had any sort of problems with your guests, it is very important to clear things up before they go back to the airport.

Once a guest leaves, send them an e-mail. Drop them a text message. Thank them for coming to stay at your property. Most importantly, prompt them to leave a positive review on their experience. Typically, a great way to ensure a good review will occur is to promise to leave them a nice 5-star review.


airbnb maintenance, supplies7. Stocking Up Toiletries & Optimizing Presentation for the Next Guest

Once you have a successful visit, you need to do everything that is necessary to make the next guest visit just as great. Typically, this means stocking up travel-size toiletries, rearranging everything back in its proper place, and making your property prime for impressing your next guest.


Can You Handle Airbnb Maintenance on your Own?

In most cases, property owners are completely qualified and capable of handling things on their own. The biggest issue that tends to come up with managing an Airbnb, then, is whether or not the property owner has enough time to handle their Airbnb maintenance.


This Depends on How Many Properties You Own

Unless you are very good at micromanaging the responsibilities for maintenance at your Airbnb property, you can quickly run out of time and energy to keep your vacation rentals properly maintained. Especially in terms of handling the online responsibilities of using Airbnb outside of the immediate guest hospitality which is required.


airbnb maintenance, helpThose with More than One Airbnb Property May Need Help

If you have more than one Airbnb property listing, it naturally a lot easier to become caught up in the many responsibilities of Airbnb maintenance, only to end up without time to handle it all.

When this happens, it is important to keep up the quality of your service and look for help (see below).


Do You Have Other Responsibilities Which Are More Important?

As a property owner, you probably still have a life outside of your vacation rentals. In fact, you should try your best to keep things that way. It may be easy to become sucked into the responsibilities of your vacation rental, only to push aside more important commitments you have. If this is you, you should consider getting some Airbnb maintenance assistance. Things like Airbnb key service, and setting up an Airbnb welcome letter, for example, are not always easy. 


“Help, I Need Assistance with My Airbnb Maintenance!”

Although it is definitely possible for a private owner to handle all aspects of Airbnb maintenance for one or two properties, there is a point where you will run out of time for handling things like Airbnb concierge service. Especially if you own three or more different Airbnb properties. When this happens, it might be time to consider using a high-quality Airbnb maintenance team like Whome.

Teams like Whome have their own cleaning and maintenance teams. This means that things like furniture can be replaced within a couple of hours, with no advance notice. It doesn’t matter if it is late at night or on the weekend. a service like this also works tirelessly to enhance your property, from adding new designs and furniture to equipment to keep it up to par with a 5-star hotel.

Finally, with an Airbnb management team, you can finally relax during your days. All of the stress involved in running an Airbnb such as handling guests, picking up guests from the airport, giving tips & support, and so on, are all covered by the management team.

airbnb maintenance whome