If you wish to become an Airbnb superhost, or simply somebody who makes plenty of income and fun with your vacation rental, getting some of the best Airbnb tools will help you have the best chance at success. Here are the 10 best Airbnb host tools for you to start using today. If you are learning how to start an Airbnb, these will be helpful for you. 


airbnb tools and airbnb host tools, mobile1. The Airbnb Mobile App

This is one of the most basic Airbnb host tools that just about any super host will consistently have. The Airbnb mobile app allows you to connect your online account to your smartphone. This makes it a breeze to contact your guests, update your listing, prices, and other tasks in your Airbnb host checklist.


2. Dropbox & Google Drive

Dropbox and Google Drive are two of the most popular file-sharing and reading tools in the world. These two platforms allow you and your guests to instantly connect with virtual cloud storage, making it simple to share items such as invoices, receipts, and house rules with your guests.


3. Beyond Pricing

If you are willing to invest a small percentage of your total monthly revenue, Beyond Pricing will help you scan the market on Airbnb to find a competitive price. As you should know, pricing your vacation rental perfectly will bring in a lot more sales. This is a great app to consider using if you are a private owner who simply needs a little help with their prices.


4. Smartbnb / iGMS

Once you start to get a consistent set of guests, then you might get sick of sending the same messages over and over. An app like Smartbnb is so popular since it allows hosts to instantly send automatic messages using advanced AI algorithms. For example, if a guest mentions “Wi-Fi” in a message, the app can automatically send the Wi-Fi password for you.  

You could also look into using iGMS – a vacation rental software that helps hosts to effectively handle day-to-day short-term rental management tasks. The software enables users to operate all Airbnb, HomeAway & Vrbo accounts via a single interface, with access to the same advanced functionality through the mobile app. There’s automated messaging for easier guest communication and reviews, templates, tools for team management and pricing management, and much more. iGMS is free for up to 4 property listings and a free 14-day trial is available (no credit card required) for hosts with 5+ properties.


5. AirDNA

AirDNA is one of the best Airbnb tools since it provides you with some pretty sensitive information that can really help your Airbnb take off in revenue. You can look up all of your competitors’ earnings, view occupancy rates, see real-time pricing insights, and much more.


6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app in the world. If you don’t already use it, it is time to finally catch on to the trend. Since you can instantly message, call, and video chat with anybody in the world instantly for free, it is immensely useful as an Airbnb host. Especially when you have guests from foreign countries, WhatsApp is a great tool to have in your arsenal.


airbnb tools and airbnb host tools, cleaning7. A Great Cleaning Service

One of the burdens of being a vacation rental owner can be how they will clean the property after each use. Since many owners value their time over money, they will use a paid cleaning service of some sort. This allows them to always keep their property clean while simultaneously preparing for their next guest. If you are looking for a great Airbnb cleaning service, check out Whome.


8. Outdoor Surveillance

Although you should clearly stay out of the indoors, and especially out of private areas, placing some outdoor surveillance will help keep your investment protected. Whenever you need to see what is happening outside of your property, outdoor surveillance will grant you an automatic means to do so.


airbnb tools and airbnb host tools, key9. Excellent Key Exchange

If you want to be great at hosting your vacation rental on your own, you will need an excellent Airbnb key service. If you come up with a great system, this will help you avoid meeting your guests both at check-in and check-out for each of your visits.


10. An Airbnb Management Service

Getting a great Airbnb management service is a great solution if you want to rent on Airbnb hassle-free and get more income. Booking an Airbnb management service can eliminate the stress that comes with renting and still be just as affordable as paying for all the best Airbnb tools we have described here.


Major Points & Summary

There are many great Airbnb tools to consider using if you want to boost the revenue on your vacation rental. Although it is definitely possible to handle things on your own, having the right Airbnb host tools at your disposal grants you a good shot at reaching your goals. From small things like Airbnb concierge service to bigger things like your Airbnb welcome letter, managing an Airbnb isn’t easy. 

If you find yourself needing some more free time, consider getting an Airbnb management service that can handle things for you.

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