Learning how to start an Airbnb is somewhat fast, but learning how to run a successful Airbnb will take a little bit of time and effort if you are completely new to Airbnb business. However, we are here to help you out during this process. On this page, we will break down many of the steps in your Airbnb host checklist required in setting up and running a successful Airbnb property.

Keep in mind each of the tips so that you can best ensure your shot at higher levels of success. 


how to run a successful airbnb, bedroomHow to Run A Successful Airbnb

First things first, it’s time for a quick reality check. Creating a successful business of any sort is not an overnight process. It takes consistent hard work before just about any business, not necessarily an Airbnb, will begin to take off. Keeping this in mind, many people decide to use an expert management company to best ensure their quick success. 


First Think About a Management Company

A management company like Whome, an Airbnb management company in Portugal, will be able to handle all of the most difficult aspects of running your rental. This includes all of the marketing, guest contact, listing management, and home cleaning and maintenance. Below, we will describe the components that can be done by a management company such as Whome. 


10 Things You Need to Run a Successful Airbnb

As you learn how to run a successful Airbnb, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. Below, we will cover all the most important factors and things you need to have in your Airbnb rental if your vision is to become successful. 


how to run a successful airbnb, room1. Lots of Professional Pictures

The first part of having a professional Airbnb listing is to have lots of professional pictures ready at your disposal. This means throwing out those polaroid pictures you were previously using and using a professional camera or professional real estate photographer for your new profile pictures. 


2. A Complete Airbnb Profile

With your pictures ready to be uploaded, you should now switch your focus to creating a perfect Airbnb profile. This means making sure all your information is completely up-to-date, accurate, and finished. Even the smallest details need to be accounted for. Make sure everything is completely filled in, including seemingly minuscule portions of the profile. 


3. Endless Time to Invest

Running an Airbnb is not a task you should take lightly. In fact, it is something that will require a rather hefty time commitment. It may seem as easy as checking-in and checking-out your guests. However, as we will continue to explore, this is not nearly the case. It also requires quite a bit of time for side tasks that are part of the job description. This is partly why many people choose to hire a management service. 


how to run a successful airbnb, key service4. Key Service & Shuttle Service

Airbnb key service and shuttle service are two convenience factors that many Airbnb properties simply do not include. Key service is an important part of the check-in process where the customer receives the keys to their room. Many Airbnb rentals do this by installing a lockbox. Shuttle service, on the other hand, is not something that is common. When done, it can separate your Airbnb apart from many others. 


5. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are something that is absolutely necessary for any circumstance. Unless you plan on doing this all by yourself, professional cleaning services will also save you quite a bit of time. This is one of the perks of hiring a management company is that they do this for you each time. 


6. Emergency Maintenance

Think about how horrible it is when something like an appliance breaks in your home. Imagine this happening to one of your guests while staying at your Airbnb! If you don’t have a plan for emergency maintenance, you can easily find yourself in a lot of trouble with your guests. 


how to run a successful airbnb, towels7. Toiletries & Towel Service

One of the biggest disappointments people can have when checking in to a hotel or Airbnb is to arrive only to not have the toiletries and towels that they need. Many travelers arrive with either a limited supply of these things or expect their hotel to provide them. If they don’t have these things, it can easily trigger them to become upset and think of leaving a bad review. 


8. Home Amenities

There are certain things that guests look for before they will book your apartment. This can range from things like having a kitchen, fridge, internet, and so on. Make sure to check your home before renting it out on Airbnb to ensure that all possible amenities within your realm of capabilities are present. 


9. A Stunning First Impression

The first impression and the Airbnb house manual template are what your guests will see as they enter your home for the first time. After all the hard work you put into making a nice profile and setting it up to completion, the last thing you can do is blow it on the first impression. Remember that reviews will be important. If you don’t set up the rental properly for each check-in, these will be affected. 


10. Competitive Pricing

Having the right price for your rental is one of the most difficult parts of setting up a successful Airbnb. You need to have prices that both reflect your value and those of your competitors. If you set your prices too low, you risk not making enough income. If they are too high, you risk losing valuable business. 


Started to Get Overwhelmed by Responsibility?

If each of the above commitments is starting to become a lot more burdensome for you to consider, then you are a wonderful candidate for property management services. If you decide to get property management, it usually doesn’t require much of a commission. 

If you go with a locally-based management company of experts like Whome, though, you can sit back and relax quite a bit more than you would have by trying to do everything on your own. 

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